How to Fix Screen Burn-in on Your Cellphone

If your cellphone has ghostly images of commonly used icons on a pinkish backgroud, that's screen burn-in. It occurs on most Samsung models and iPhones beginnning with the iPhone X. Screen burn-in greatly affects your phone's trade-in value, not to mention your personal enjoyment of it. But what can you do about?

  1. Replace the display. Apple warranty does not cover this, not even AppleCare+. That means you will pay retail for the replacement at Geek Squad, CPR, or a local repair shop. Samsung repairs are more expensive than Apple, and because the phone is worth less to begin with, this solution can be difficult to justify. After all, if you phone can be replaced for $200, is it worth making a $150 repair?

  2. Prevent it getting worse. The burn-in does not affect the phone's functionality, and is mostly visible on white screens only, so living with a phone suffering from screen burn-in is often the best option. Meanwhile, take steps to arrest the burn-in. Reduce screen brightness as much as possible and do not let the screen display static images for long periods of time.

  3. Sell it. Because private trade-in companies like Blue Blazer can get the most resale value for phones with screen burn-in, the cash you net from your sale can be used to by a replacement phone at less than it would have cost to repair your old one.

  4. Repurchase a later model. Both Samsung and Apple have taken steps to minimize screen burn-in with such steps as increasing the size of blue LEDs, which are most susceptible (hence the trend toward pink) and moving static images left, right, up and down imperceptibly so that no single pixel is being overdriven. And again, you can use the cash from the sale of your old, burned-in phone to buy a new one.

These OLED screens, though susceptible to burn-in, produce better image quality at lower power draw than LCD screens, so they are here to stay. But so, too, is the potential for screen burn-in.

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