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Can I Sell My Phone If It's Not Paid Off?

Yes, you can. You can sell your phone even if it's financed, iCloud-locked, Google-locked, passcode-locked, blacklisted, bad IMEI, leased, under contract, damaged, malfunctioning and DOA. (Hopefully not all of the above.) The only phones Blue Blazer Wireless will not buy are those that have been reported stolen. Oh, yeah, need I mention that Bue Blazer buys good phones, too? Of course, selling the phone does not necessarily relieve you of your obligation to the carrier. That's between you and the carrier, and has nothing to do with selling the phone.

So what's your financed phone worth?

Less, of course. Prices will vary depending upon the financial situation, carrier and type of defect - financial, functional or otherwise. You can get an instant quote on your financed phone using Blue Blazer's free, online quote tool at www.blueblazertech.com

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