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Use Blue Blazer's easy website to receive a valuation for your device. Use your free shipping label to ship it to us. We pay within 48 hours, guaranteed, 100% of the time, provided the device is accurately described. Blue Blazer accepts most devices, including those with damage or outstanding debts. We do not accept lost or stolen devices.


In the Press

The Math They Don't Want You To See

Iphone Carrier Trade-ins Are Always a Bad Idea

By Zach Epstein

Smartphone trade-in programs are big business for wireless carriers. Through these programs, customers are offered a seemingly generous discount on their next smartphone purchase when they trade in an older model. Then the old phones are polished up and resold at a profit as refurbished devices to other customers looking to save money by buying used phones.

While these programs are indeed smart business for the companies on the receiving end of your old handset, they’re always a bad idea for consumers and we’ll show you why. (more)

Where To Sell Your Old Cellphones For Cash

By Kevin Mulligan

Don’t throw away your cell phone when you upgrade to a new device. You can get some cash for your old phone, and subsidize a portion of the purchase of a new one.

There are several ways to sell your cell phone. Some methods allow you to get more money, but may take more time. Other methods allow you to sell your used phone quickly, but you may not receive top dollar for your device. (more)


It's About Trust

It is our mission to make trading up to the latest cell phone fast, easy and safe. At Blue Blazer, we understand that sending your phone to a total stranger is about more than just getting the best price. It's about trust. We work hard to earn your trust with quick payment, honest pricing and fanatical customer service.

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